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      More than an all-in-one platform to help parents find and book after school activities

      Bizibuz is a data-driven platform with a powerful after school course search engine, that uses algorithmic processes to optimize parents’ decisions around activity selection and automates end-to-end enrolment.

      One smart hive for all kids’ activities

      How Bizibuz worksHow Bizibuz works

      Industry leading filtering and sorting tools

      Give parents the control to find courses with the best fit for their child and circumstances. Our proprietary course search engine is the most powerful of its kind, enabling parents to search, filter and sort by a wide range of metrics including age range, category, subcategory, format (online, camps), location, price, promotions, date, day, time, education centre partner, rating, popularity, keyword.

      Bizibuz magnifying glass

      Huge range of the highest quality courses

      We have over 200,000 courses available for purchase, well in excess of any other platform. And we hand pick our education centre clients based on standards of excellence. Our top-tier partners include leading institutions such as Kids’ Gallery, PhD Scientists, Active Kids, Curiosity Kids, Mini Mandarins, La Liga Football Schools, Seed Music, the French Teachers Association of Hong Kong, the Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong and many more!

      Bizibuz scheduling calendar

      Automated booking, scheduling, payment and rescheduling of activities

      No other education platform automates the entire lifecycle flow beyond the purchase of a course. No more emailing and messaging education centres to confirm schedules, request class absences, track refunds or credits. Simply search and select the perfect course schedule, download your calendar and share a spreadsheet of activities, and subsequently request class absences or course cancellations all with the click of a button.

      Bizibuz clever teacher

      Personalized smart activity

      Smart activity display using custom machine learning to provide personalized recommendations to aid parent decisions regarding activity selection. Our search response algorithms optimize for diversity and relevancy to ensure each parent is able to find the perfect activity for their child.

      Bizibuz measuring tool

      KnowYourChild™ tools

      A series of benchmarking tools to track a child’s development, highlight necessary intervention, guide on activities to optimize performance and monitor the efficacy of activities over time.

      These tools are developed using advanced algorithms and input from top universities including the Education University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University and senior teachers from leading institutions including the Chinese International School and Canadian International School.

      The pre-primary tool is designed for 3-6 year olds to identify whether milestone development is on track in 5 subject areas, further divided into 40 different sub domains covering oral language, literacy, early cognitive skills in maths and science, personal and social development and motor skills.

      The primary tool is designed for 6-12 year olds to analyze performance in 9 subject areas, further divided into around 32 different sub domains or skills including maths, science, English, Chinese, humanities, technology, visual arts, music and motor skills.

      The secondary tool is designed for 12-18 year olds and matches a secondary student's personality, abilities and interests with career paths that offer the highest probability of success based on Jung, Myers-Brigg theory and modern occupational research, and extensive occupational data from the US Department of Labor. The tool also outlines a game plan to achieve each career track including supplementary courses to take, subjects to study and which top global universities to apply for based on rankings courtesy of QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

      Parents receive a comprehensive report of their child including smart activity recommendations and development trend analysis.

      Bizibuz exam top mark

      Child skill tracking and attendance reports

      Access your child’s detailed KnowYourChild™ reports and attendance history in order to reflect on their performance trends, make more optimal activity selections to target weakness or develop strengths, and include performance results in school applications to ensure your child stands out.

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